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Smart Cities: Environmental Drainage & Solutions

Smart cities leverage technology to monitor & manage urban assets. Increased urbanization replaces a city’s natural vegetation with impervious surfaces, losing the ability to absorb rainwater and overloading the drainage infrastructure. The solution to enhance urban life and sustainability, smart cities will need the combination of:

  • Internet of Things (IOT) - our vision will lead to connecting sensor devices to the underground water, sewer & drain infrastructure in the future. The sensor-enabled data network monitors & collects real-time data, offering better insights, protecting our environment and providing security from terrorism.
  • Green Lifestyle - our environmental approach, using landscaping, is designed to reduce the potential impact of new & existing development with respect to surface rain water drainage. Landscaping can absorb water naturally or conceal & hide the presence of a drain system.
  • Earth Care Solution - our focus is on protecting a city’s water quality and drinking supply, that can be impacted by the sewer & drain infrastructure. Urban communities worldwide are experiencing a growing water crisis with water leaks, aging & broken pipes and raw sewage pollution spills contaminating drinking water supplies.

SewerTech believes in the future of smart cities, environmental sustainability and the future of IOT technology to improve the health & safety of people and the health of our planet.


Our Earth Care Solutions

  • Preventing Pollution - our infrastructure maintenance focus is on drain cleaning to prevent pipe blockages on commercial properties that can cause sewage pollution spills or disrupt business.
  • Protecting Water Supply - our urban communities worldwide are experiencing a growing water crisis with water leaks, aging & broken pipes and raw sewage pollution spills contaminating drinking water supplies.

Rainwater Harvesting

SewerTech is already an expert in drainage, and so the rational choice to install your Rainwater Harvesting system is to use a company with history in collecting rainwater. Our 1st exposure to collecting & harvesting rainwater began in 1952 with our family heritage in plumbing and architecture. In 1952, the rainwater prototype was featured in Better Homes & Garden.

Rainwater Harvesting collects rainwater on your property and stores it for reuse. With the surging cost of water & sewer fees and more frequent droughts, many commercial and residential properties are considering the economic and environmental sustainability merits.

  • Direct System - these pump water directly to where it is used- like a toilet, sprinkler system or outside tap.
  • Indirect System - this storage system can be placed aboveground or underground.

Are you on a meter? If so, then Rainwater Harvesting could save you money-reportedly saved up to 45% in water & sewer costs. Our goal is to ensure a clean, affordable and sustainable non-drinking water supply.

We see a future where rainwater collection and harvesting is considered in both new construction and in retrofit projects as an essential part of life. The economic merits will increasingly bring about a shift in commercial property adoption and urban planning.

Connected Devices: Replaces Emergency Disruption with Proactive Solutions

Healthy Spaces: Living Green Walls

Living green walls are vertical landscapes, creating a happy & healthy interior workspace or a maximum, visual impact for building exteriors. The vertical landscape uses natural plants as an inspiration or for visual branding.

  • Existing Wall - a living green wall can be attached to an existing interior or exterior wall or can be built as an independent structure. It is low maintenance and easy to change the colors and appearance anytime for a holiday or special occasion.
  • Modular Wall Divider - a living green wall can be placed inside an planter and used as a curtain wall, dividing indoor or outdoor spaces.

Living green walls incorporate a low maintenance drip watering & drainage system. The environmental benefits include:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Insulates Noise
  • Air Purification
  • Lowers Temperature
  • Enhances Architecture

SewerTech’s green lifestyle services encourages wellness. Connecting with nature, living green walls brings spaces to life, making people happier, healthier and more productive.


Our Commercial Customers

  • Airports
  • Stadiums & Convention
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Malls & Centers
  • Apartments & Multi-Family
  • Grocery & Food Production
  • Retail & Big Box Stores
  • Assisted Living & Nursing Centers
  • Schools & Universities
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Plants
  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Coffee Shops & Bakeries
  • Auto Dealerships & Repair
  • New Construction Flushing
  • Military Facilities

Infrastructure - Storm Water Drain Cleaning

To capture excess surface water from rainfall, storm drains are engineered to be installed in parking lots or near roadways & walkways to prevent flooding. Storm water drain systems require maintenance to remove accumulated sand, dirt, trash & debris. You will benefit from the expertise of a professional drain cleaning company to manage the regular maintenance and reduce the risk of flooding:

  • Parking Lot & Curb Catch Basins
  • Storm Line Pipe Cleaning
  • Water Quality Units Cleaned
  • Outdoor Area Drains
  • Oil/Water Storm Separators

SewerTech offers FREE Storm Prevention Service with all Subscription customers, starting at $3.00/ month.


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Landscape Drains & Storm Pavers

"We'll Keep Your Property Dry"

Professional Landscape Drains

Our Houston area has heavy downpours. Whether you’re a home, business or commercial property, landscape drains are essential in capturing and controlling water flow during heavy rainfall. Without property drainage solutions in place, poorly drain sites can become flooded for a short period of time, causing worry, property damage or inconveniences.

We only install heavy rainfall drainage systems, often after basic gravity-flow landscape drains failed. We provide an array of professional drainage solutions:

  • Engineered, Heavy Downpour Pump Drains
  • Parking Lot Runoff Drains and Catch Basins
  • Sump Pump Pits & Dry Well Systems
  • French Drains & Dry Creek Drainage
  • Driveway Trench Drains
  • Gutter Downspout Drains
  • Heavy Downpour Yard Drain Boxes
  • Grading & Swales

"We'll Keep Your Property Dry"

Permeable “Storm Pavers” & Drainage Driveways

Permeable surfaces or driveways, using porous pavers and landscape material, allow water to pass through openings or voids making the likelihood of flooding much lower. In the City of Houston, for both homes and commercial properties, storm water fees are assessed based on non-porous surfaces. Reducing these fees and the risk of flooding is attracting a lot of attention to new design ideas:

  • Porous Parking Spaces
  • Drainage Driveways
  • Drainage Walkways