Emergency Services

Emergency Drain & Sewer Rescue

SewerTech’s specialty is emergency rescue - we are fast. We answer every call 24/7 via a live human. Upon arrival, we will assess & diagnose the problem honestly, communicate a solution and quickly solve the problem

Our Emergency Promise:

  • Stress - We understand your stress & vulnerability
  • Respect - We respect each opportunity to serve
  • Charge - We never charge extra fees on any emergency
  • Wait - We don’t make people wait
  • Prepared - We are prepared to solve any drainage problem

We often will support a plumber or mechanical contractor who may choose to subcontract or specialty service.


Storm Drain Flooding

We are ready to clear any clogged storm drain quickly. Most storm drain emergencies are a result of accumulated debris and neglected maintenance.

Protect Property

After Hurricane Harvey, homeowners and commercial property owners have learned how quickly any heavy rain or light flooding will cause property damage or tremendous worry to family, tenants or business customers.

We can’t stop the rain, but we might be able to protect your property, subject to your unique property status.

  • Assessment - we offer FREE storm drainage review
  • Storm Prevention - we offer FREE storm preparation on pending storms for Subscribers

Subscribers will be our highest priority for any pending storm.

Water & Sewage Spill

Untreated sewage from a sewer line backup, a manhole or toilet overflow or even from flooding of nearby water source, it is considered to be contaminated water that can contain viruses, bacteria and other microbes that can cause serious health problems or property damage. SewerTech has specialized training & experience to quickly & safely clean an untreated sewage spill:

We have offer comprehensive water & sewage cleanup service, with the priority to protect human health and minimize damage and get your property back to normal as quickly as possible.


Lift Station Rescue

Many commercial properties have their storm drains or main sewer lines flowing into and through a lift station that is a critical asset in keeping wastewater flowing. Should a lift station backup, it will cause the entire sewer line to stop draining and will likely overflow, causing an environmental pollution crisis.

We are lift station experts, knowing the stoppage can also impact public health. Like the fire department responding to a fire, timing is everything. The failure of a lift station will likely be caused by:

  1. Pump Failure- often a submersible pump will clog due to wipes, female products, grease or debris
  2. Electrical- if the power supply shuts down, the pump cannot function
  3. Mechanical Failure- a lift station has many functioning parts that may malfunction