College: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

SewerTech was founded to change how customers experience drain & sewer services.

The joy of serving people and solving problems began at 16, when Greg started a landscape company that quickly grew to employ 22 and reached sales over $700k, helping fund college. Greg’s family had a plumbing and sewer heritage beginning in 1905 with Bain Plumbing. The family stories were always how cleaning sewers and repairing toilets helped the family survive the Great Depression. We learned to get an education, but always stay humble.

  • Corporate - Greg’s corporate career involved construction accounting, a leadership role for a plumbing & air conditioning company that became nationwide, leading a nationwide company’s environmental group that provided industrial cleaning & sewer cleaning for industrial plants, and being recruited to led a Hong Kong-based, environmental service that provided water & waste management in the global oil industry.
  • Entrepreneurial - Beyond the 1st company at 16, Greg co-founded a small trucking company that shipped frozen foods throughout the Appalachia mountain region, was founder of a large landscape construction company, ranked 50 in US with over 160 employees, and was founder of an environmental service company that transported liquid waste and provided sewer cleaning until acquired by a private equity firm.

The one common thread, corporate or entrepreneurial, was building a loyal customer following by leveraging the passion and quality of employee engagements. Happy employees always breeds safety, healthy profits and happy customers. Customer retention is based on respect, honesty and delivering consistent promises.