Tommy grew up in Mississippi on a farm, learning hard work and people skills. Before moving to Houston, he grew a rural propane route, that nobody wanted, from a losing route to become the company’s #1 route. The loyalty of customers directly impacted added sales, improved cash flows and developed recurring revenues. Tommy’s people skills validate our core value- people make a difference in the delivery of service.

  • Home Services - Once in Houston, Tommy joined the plumbing, air conditioning & electrical company, learning the home service delivery business- both the positives and negatives. Tommy’s greatest gift is understanding human nature to calm people, diagnose a problem honestly and solve it. Once a customer experienced the service standard delivered by Tommy, few could match.
  • Sewer Service - Tommy joined Greg in managing operations in two environmental service companies: one as operations manager for over 10 years and the 2nd environmental company in operations for 12 years. Both environmental companies exposed Tommy to extensive training for working in power plants, refineries, petrochemical & steel plants, and in wastewater/sewage facilities.

Working together with Greg, the number #1 priority was human safety and customer care. Inside any industrial plant, any commercial facility or even in any home, the moment you engage a customer, they have expectations to be met. Tommy delivers.