Why SewerTech

The World of Urbanization Drives the Drain Economy


Subscribe & Drain  I  Changing Experiences

At SewerTech, we believe that the most successful businesses in the world are brands built upon people with passion to serve, authentic relationships that build long-term loyalties and delivering an amazing customer experience.

When a customer subscribes, our drain & sewer service goal is to deliver value and immediate benefits, becoming an integrated partner in helping our customers succeed:

  • Business Disruption - to eliminate or reduce any drain & sewer risks
  • Protect Property - to eliminate or mitigate storm drain flooding or sewage spills
  • Health Violations - to eliminate or mitigate any compliance issues
  • Drain Surcharges - to eliminate the extra sewer fees after utility sampling

Customers have changed. They have a new set of expectations and are looking for a new way to engage service vendors. With digital technology and social media, the way we do business has also fundamentally changed.

Businesses know that changing customer experiences means doing little things well to make big things happen. More and more customers are becoming subscribers for products and services because subscription experiences are built around delivering higher quality service, lower costs and long-term relationships.

People Deliver the Amazing Experience and Create the Memories that Last

Why We Are Different

SewerTech is different. Our story is the outcome of a 30 year drain & sewer journey in an industry that thrives on emergencies and upselling. We started with one simple idea: to reshape the delivery model and make drainage worry-free:

  • Automatic - easy & reliable
  • Affordable - no longer a crisis-driven event
  • Amazing - deliver value & highest quality experience

We launched SewerTech to introduce a subscription model with our mission to change how customers experience the delivery of on-demand maintenance services and helping customer take control. To drive an automatic, affordable & amazing outcome experience, it takes people of passion combined with the tools of technology:

  • Focus - our obsession with creating long-term relationships & happy customers.
  • Expertise - after 30 plus years in the drain & sewer industry, we’ve seen it all.
  • Unique Value Proposition - our culture & core values have shaped our delivery model


To sustain our customer empowerment and amazing experiences we believe brands need to service customers where, when and  how customers want it- all of which consists of the little things done well (“micro-moments”) that makes big  things happen. Happy customers remember “micro-moments” that accumulatively make us different.

Sustainability, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure

Urbanization is growing across the planet- stressing cities underground infrastructures, and the environment. People are becoming more concerned with climate change, quality of life and protecting our environment.

  • Sustainability - is all about healthy lives and a healthy planet- making the future the center of the present. Urban planners are beginning to incorporate a more holistic approach to improving urban environments using Green Infrastructure and climate adoption.
  • Climate Change - is a major concern, no matter the cause. Urban areas are dealing with water scarcity, drought or even the increased risks of flooding. With growing population density, cities are adopting new urban designs and seeking new maintenance methods to deal with these environmental risks
  • Green Infrastructure - is a cost-effective, resilient approach to building with nature. Managing the environment during wet weather with more attention to storm water drainage, improving recreational life with more green space and promoting green building projects that are more people-friendly or save water & energy.

SewerTech’s mission is to deliver amazing customer experiences that enhances healthy lives and a healthy planet. To do that locally, begins with sustaining best practices, environmental compliance and supporting green initiatives:

  • Prevent Pollutions - proper sewer line maintenance prevents sewer pipe blockages that cause municipal raw sewage flooding or emergency discharges into waterways
  • Prevent Flooding - cleaning storm drains removes debris and helps to prevent flooding & property damage
  • Landscape Drains - landscape designs, serving both an aesthetic value and a way to conceal key storm drainage, is becoming more critical in controlling light flooding
  • Permeable Storm Pavers - more and more commercial properties are finding new ways to absorb rain water

In Houston, we witnessed the damage of Hurricane Harvey and how infrastructure design and maintenance can impact so many lives for many years. These urbanization challenges are being confronted in every major city.


"The most excited customers are new subscribers, who either experienced poor service or frequent, high cost drain emergencies”…

Tommy Burrell, Co-Founder

Culture & Core Values

SewerTech’s work culture is based on “old-fashioned” values- work hard & intelligently, knowing people are watching. Values are central to who we are. That means everybody is equally important with delivering our “Amazing Customer Experience”. Our 3 core values means we do the right thing, the right way for the right reason:

  • Serve - communicate passion with honest action that builds trust
  • Simplify - make every problem easy, automatic & fun to solve
  • Subscribe - reach & convert every property with a long-term relationship

We’re a determined team with a mission to deliver an amazing customer experience, by changing the way company’s needs are served and delivered throughout the lifecycle.

Unique Value Proposition

SewerTech simplifies and conveniently automates your maintenance needs:

  • Employee Owners - Happy employees deliver happy customer service. When an employee is respected as an ownership partner, the customer experience become long-term and consistently “Amazing”. Our employees have a future in your care, and have not joined our team just for a paycheck, but to build our future by building stronger relationships
  • Subscription - We made facility & property maintenance simple and easy-to-use, as the 1st to deliver automated “peace-of-mind” every month with our new DaaS (Anything as a Service) business model.

We put people at the heart of everything we do. Knowing that drain problems are often hidden until a crisis occurs, the best way to overcome and solve a plumbing-related crisis is based on trust in the organization you depend on.


SewerTech believes a strong community helps build better businesses and that is why we share our expertise by helping local churches and charities who are rooted and serve our communities.